Skills Classes

Learn the fundamental aspects of rock climbing responsibly – communication, belaying, and climbing skills.

Top Rope Skills

UpTown Top Rope Lowdown:

  • FOR: beginners, parents of young climbers, climbers who need a refresher.

  • PREREQUISITES: you must be 14 to take this class

  • DURATION: 90 minutes

  • COST: $29 and includes day pass. Free for new members.

Perfect for new climbers, this 90-minute class will give you the necessary understanding of safety guidelines, top-rope belay technique, and proper climber/belayer communication.   You will learn how to properly tie a figure-8 follow through knot, to top rope belay using the PBUS belay method, and how to use a assisted braking device to belay your climber.

Successful completion of this class and the subsequent skills check will allow those aged 16 and older to belay on any of the 40+ top rope stations. Those aged 14-15 can belay only with a belay-certified patron backing up the brake hand.

Lead Rope Skills

UpTown Lead Rope Lowdown:

  • FOR: experienced top-rope climbers, parents of experienced top-rope climbers, climbers who need a refresher.

  • PREREQUISITES: you must be 16 to take this class, top-rope belay certified at UpTown, minimum 3 months active top rope belay experience, 5.9+ confident climber, your own rock climbing harness (our rentals do not count)

  • DURATION: 3 hours over either one or two day options

  • COST: $59 (30% off members).

Up the adrenaline. Lead climbing is more dynamic and dangerous for both the climber and the belayer. This class will provide experienced top-rope climbers/belayers with additional safety guidelines, continuing to hone and understand principles of sound belay technique, and with special considerations for lead climbing and belaying. You will learn proper clipping technique, foot placement, how to fall, how to catch a climber, and what not to do. This class includes a lead-belay-only option for parents who want to belay their children but don’t want to lead climb.

Successfully completing this course and the subsequent skills check allows you to lead climb or belay in the gym, including on our centerpiece lead-only wall.

Technique Classes

Improve your climbing through technique, movement, and strategy.

UpTown Movement 101 Lowdown:

  • FOR: beginners. this class will be too remedial for those climbing 5.10 or higher.

  • PREREQUISITES: a positive attitude

  • DURATION: 2 hours

  • COST: $29 (30% off members)

Technique 101: Movement

This introductory course is designed for any person who is climbing in the gym who wants to understand how movement on vertical terrain can be refined and made more effective and efficient. This class is well-suited for those climbing 5.9 or less on ropes or v2 or lower on boulders. You will learn about different holds, body position, foot placement, balance, and more.

Completion of this class should make you more stable and confident on the wall.

Technique 201: Coming Soon

You'll be good enough soon enough.