No experience is necessary to start climbing!

We encourage beginners to give us a try. UpTown Staff will give you an orientation and you will be climbing on our boulder and auto belays in no time. Or take a belay class to gain access to the full gym.

ALL visitors must complete our Visitor Agreement whether climbing or not.
Check our out our Online Waiver page to complete it in advance.


Day Pass $16 (Discounted - $14 Student/child/fire/police/active duty military) 

Gear Rental 

  • Harness $2
  • Shoes $4
  • Package (shoes+harness) $5
  • Chalk bag $2

10-punch pass $130 (use your empty 10-punch pass to waive member start-up fees!)

10-punch pass with Gear Package $160

5-punch pass $70

5-punch pass with Gear Package $85 

Interested in a Membership?