+ What is UpTown Climbing?

UpTown Climbing is Louisiana’s premier indoor rock climbing facility, located in Baton Rouge. We offer classes, group events, memberships, other services, and of course, lots of indoor rock climbing.

+ Where are you located?

We are in Baton Rouge, LA, convenient to I-12. Click here for a map and driving directions.

+ Do I need any experience to climb?

No. After you sign our waiver, we will provide you a brief orientation that allows you to climb on our auto-belays and our 90’ long bouldering wall. If you take and pass our belay class, you can climb throughout the gym.

+ Can groups climb?

Absolutely. Our facility has dedicated rooms to host both parties and groups. We also offer programs for large groups.

+ What is belaying?

Belaying is a method of rope management used to prevent a climber from falling to the ground.

+ What are auto-belays?

Auto-belays are mechanical devices that slowly lower a climber to the ground in the event of a fall. Auto-belays allow climbers to climb rope wall sections without a belay partner. Weight limits on the auto-belays are between 40 and 340 pounds.

+ * What are top-roping, bouldering, and lead climbing?

Top-roping, bouldering, and lead climbing are the three primary types of climbing:

  • Top-roping – Top rope climbing is where the climber is connected to a rope that passes through an anchor system at the top of the climb and back down to a belayer at the bottom of the climb. As the climber ascends, the belayer is responsible for both taking slack out of the rope to shorten the distance of the fall as well as “braking” the rope to catch the climber if they fall.

  • Bouldering – a type of climbing without the use of ropes or harnesses but at limited heights above the ground. Since all bouldering falls are “ground falls”, bouldering employs ground padding to reduce the likelihood of injury.

  • Lead Climbing – an advanced form of belayed rope climbing where the climber pulls the rope up with them as they climb and clip the rope to anchors as they go. The belayer gives slack to the rope to allow the climber to ascend to the next anchor, take slack out of the rope after the climber clips each anchor point, and brake to catch the climber if they fall.

+ Do I need to sign a waiver to climb?

Yes. All patrons of the gym, even if not climbing, must sign our waiver. For children under 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign on their behalf. We encourage visitors to complete our Online Waiver in advance of their visit.

+ Are there age restrictions to climb?

Any age may climb, however very young children may only climb on the high walls if they are large enough to fit into one of our safety harnesses and are at least 40 pounds, the lower weight limit of our auto-belays. Otherwise they will be limited to a small area of the bouldering wall.

Children under 18 must have waivers signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Age requirements include:

  1. Children must be at least 16 to belay, top rope, or lead climb without adult supervision.

  2. Children must be at least 14 to use auto belays without adult supervision.

  3. Children must be at least 12 to boulder without adult supervision.

+ Do you have climbing options for children?

  • Yes! In fact we have two group rooms great for hosting children's parties.

  • We will also be offering children's camps and establishing children's climbing teams, among other things.

+ I don’t have any equipment – can I still climb?

Yes. We rent shoes, harnesses, and chalk bags for a nominal price.

+ What should I wear?

We recommend comfortable, loose fitting or stretch clothing. Yoga tights, sweat pants, and long shorts are good options but people do climb in blue jeans as well. If you don’t rent our climbing shoes or have your own, tight fitting tennis shoes are best. Tennis shoes also work well for young children who may not like climbing shoes.

Jewelry should be removed. It can snag on climbing holds and equipment and can cause severe injury.

+ Do I need a partner to climb?

No. If you do not have a climbing partner you may still climb using our auto belays or on the bouldering wall.

You can also sign up on our “Need a Climbing Partner” sheet to get in touch with a kindred spirit.

+ * How much does it cost?

A day pass is $16 ($14 children/police/firefighters/active military) and allows you access to the facility for the entire day. Yoga and other classes are separate. The fitness area is for monthly members only. Visit our Join page for membership details.

+ Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! We have gift cards available for purchase at the front desk in any amount.

+ I’m already a climber – what do I need to do?

Buy a Day Pass, Punch Pass, or Membership!

On your first visit, experienced climbers will need to sign a waiver (or complete our Online Waiver), go through our gym orientation, and demonstrate your belay skills to one of our staff. We practice the PBUS belay technique and it must be used at all times in our gym.


+ Can I do waivers for all the kids?

No. Our waivers/visitor agreements MUST be completed by the parent or court-appointed legal guardian. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. do not count. The agreement is available on our website at and we encourage they be completed online, in advance. It is not complete until the link in the validation email is clicked. Please be sure parents check spam/junk mail if they don’t receive it.

+ I’m just a parent who’s watching, do I need a waiver?

Yes. Everyone who enters the gym needs to sign the visitor agreement, even if just spectating or looking around.

+ I’m concerned about kids not getting enough climbing time. How do you manage that?

We staff parties on a 1/5 ratio. If you book for 10 we provide 2 staff, for 20 we will have 4 staff. That means one rope station per 5 kids. Generally, kids hands have worn out before time runs out. Also the mid climb party break can be as short as you want. Some have broken for the full 30 minutes and some for 15 minutes. We are flexible during the 2hr window.

+How many people can fit in the party room?

A small party room can comfortably accommodate 15 kids around the table with perimeter seating for several adults. However it is not intended to be able to seat 15 kids plus all of their parents.

+ I booked a party for 10 kids but 12 showed up. What happens?

Less climbing. We staff for parties in advance so will only have planned for 2 staff. That means longer lines to climb. Of course we will do our best to get another staff member for the party so give us notice as soon as possible.

+I booked a party for 15 kids but 10 showed up. What happens?

We will have booked 3 staff for the event. The 10 kids will get more climbing but we will charge you $30 to cover our costs for the extra staff member.

+ Where do the kids get to climb?

We limit the party to the designated areas so as to minimize impact on our members and other day pass climbers and use orange cones to block out areas of the gym for parties. We also always change locations after the mid party break to give them a variety of climbing. Importantly, party kids are expressly restricted from the mezzanine and boulder area. We ask parents to help keep the kids organized and ensure they follow the rules, as our staff members will be busy getting the kids up and down the walls.

+Does the initial walk-through/orientation take time out of the 2 hours?

We don’t do a walk-through for parties because they are chaperoned by our staff. We spend a few minutes in the party room going over party/facility rules and getting them into their harness. It is an abbreviated version of the normal orientation. Yes it counts as part of the 2 hours so we request everyone get here 15 minutes in advance so we can get you checked in.

+Can we rent the party room for additional time?

We only have 30 minutes between parties so that’s not really an option other than booking back-to-back time slots in which case the cost would be double.

+ Can we bring our own drinks, cake, and food?

Absolutely! That is what we recommend but discourage ice cream since we don’t have freezers.

+ What is the best time during the day (for you guys) that you recommend the party?

Weeknights are best with only one party slot 6:30pm-8:30pm. That also gives us both front and back end flexibility. Our weekends have been very busy but if we were to pick a weekend time it would be the 11am Sunday morning spot. We are too new to have a lot of data but seems that Sundays don’t get crowded until after lunchtime.