Can Kids Climb?

Yes, but with supervision.

  • Kids 11 and under must be directly monitored by an adult at all times.

  • Kids 13 and under may not clip into our auto belays by themselves.

  • Kids 15 and under may not be dropped off at the gym without an adult.

  • There must be ONE adult for every FOUR kids 13 and under, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Read below for more detail on our Rules regarding kids.

How Young? How little?

  • The absolute minimum is 3 years old AND 30 pounds BUT the amount of climbing terrain available for kids this young is severely limited to a small section of our Bouldering wall. Children who are at least 30 pounds can also climb on our top ropes but ONLY with an adult who has passed our Top Rope Skills Check.

Bouldering Wall

  • Kids age 11 and under must be directly supervised by an adult at all times. Direct supervision means you have to watch your kids to make sure they comply with our rules.

  • Kids age 12 and older can climb without direct adult supervision on our bouldering wall only. That means you don’t have to have eyes on them. It does not mean you can drop them off and leave the facility.

Climbing on Auto-Belays

  • Kids must be at least 40 pounds. We have a scale! Our Auto-Belays have a mechanical weight limit between 40 and 340 pounds.

  • Only kids age 14 and older may clip themselves into our auto-belays and climb without direct adult supervision.

  • Kids age 13 and under MUST BE ACTIVELY SUPERVISED by an adult who has gone through our Orientation.

    • The Adult MUST clip them into the auto-belays or check that they are properly clipped before climbing.

    • An incorrect clip can result in a fatal accident.

    • Children violating this rule may have their climbing privileges revoked.

Top Rope Climbing

  • Children passing the minimum age/weight requirement who can fit into a children’s harness may climb on our top ropes if belayed by an adult who has passed our top-rope skills check. The adult is responsible for properly tying them in and belaying them.

Top Rope Belaying

  • Kids age 16 and older may belay with top ropes upon passing our top-rope skills check, without adult supervision.

  • Kids age 14-15 may belay with top ropes ONLY with an adult who has passed our skills check actively backing up their brake hand and monitoring the belay.