Kids Climbing Club

Club UpTown Lowdown:

  • FOR: Kids age 7-13


  • DURATION: Two 90-minutes sessions/week

  • BONUS:

    • FREE Top Rope Belay class for Parent

    • FREE Kids Yoga Class (1 Per Month)

    • Harness Rental Included

  • COST: Click Sign Up for detail

Does your child want to climb regularly with kids their age, and grow as a climber?  Climbing Club is a entry level program for kids new to climbing, or for those who just want to climb in a more relaxed social setting among their peers. Introductory roped and boulder skills are taught but classes are designed to be fun and dynamic.

Kids Clubs run in two sessions: Starting in the new year and until summer break then again in late summer into fall before Thanksgiving. Clubs are off during the summer and holidays to allow for kids camps.

  • Ages 7 - 9: Tuesdays / Thursdays from 4:30pm - 6:00pm

  • Ages 10 - 13: Mondays / Wednesdays from 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Kids Camps

Camp UpTown Lowdown:

  • FOR: Kids age 7-12

  • PREREQUISITES: Advanced registration

  • DURATION: 4 hours/day

  • BONUS:

    • FREE Top Rope Belay class for Parent

    • Harness & Shoe Rental Included

  • COST: Click Sign Up for pricing.

Let us show your kids how fun and learning can go hand in hand. From check-in to pick-up we will be moving our bodies and stretching our minds. Each week, our camps include lessons on climbing skills and technique, problem solving, games on and off the walls, team-building activities, fun and friendly competition, yoga, slacklining, and more. All of our camps run for a half day from 8am to 12pm.

We run 4-day Summer Camps over summer break and 3-day Winter Camps Thanksgiving week and during the winter break. Exact start and finish can vary so check dates in our calendar or confirm when you sign Up.

Summer Camps To Be Announced