Gear Rental 

$2 Harness

$4 Shoes

$5 Shoes + Harness

$3 Chalk bag

$2 Lead Rope

Member’s Only:

$4/mo Lead Rope

$20/mo Shoes + Harness Rental

Day Visits

$16 Adult Day Pass

$14 Discount Day Pass*

$70 5-Punch Pass ($85 with shoes + harness)

$130 10-punch pass ($160 with shoes + harness)**

* Applies to children 17 years and younger, firefighters, police officers, active duty military, paramedics, teachers, college students, and senior citizens 60 yrs+

** Use your empty 10-punch pass to waive membership start-up fees!


For new climbers, Rent-A-Belay may be a good option. New climbers get access to our Bouldering wall and Auto-Belays after their orientation. The Rent-A-Belay option gives you a dedicated staff member to belay you on our additional 40+ rope stations.

$30/hr for up to 4 climbers. Call at least 48hrs in advance to reserve a staff member. A day pass must be purchased separately.

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons where you get the opportunity to learn directly from one of our CWI certified instructors. Contact us to book your lesson.

  • FOR: Climbers who want private lessons from staff.

  • PREREQUISITES: Must bring questions!

  • DURATION: 1 hour

  • COST: $55

Day Pass Schmay Pass…I Want a Membership!

Monthly Memberships are available so you can climb until your fingers fall off. Join the many others who have made UpTown their second home and take advantage of the special membership benefits.