Yoga Classes

Take a moment to focus on yourself. Whether from daily stress or non-stop climbing, our yoga classes will focus on a balanced approach to connecting to your breath, opening up your hips and shoulders (problem areas for climbers and desk jockeys alike), and connecting all four limbs through a strong core.

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All Levels / Vinyasa Flow

This class will synchronize breath and movement through sequences designed to increase flexibility and build strength with a focus on proper alignment of the body. It incorporates traditional yoga poses and is tailored with an athletic approach for climbers. You can find shoulder stretches and hip openers in addition to inner peace in All Levels. No experience necessary, as options are given for all levels of students!

Slow Flow

Wake UP and shine by starting your day with gentle yoga. This calming class requires no experience and is a great introduction to pairing breath with movement. Find a nurturing practice in Slow Flow with non-strenuous stretches and easy breathing. This slow-paced class incorporates the use of props and takes place primarily on the floor, focusing on seated and reclined poses. Softly go with the flow in this relaxing morning class.

Stretch & Strengthen

An ideal mid-week stress reliever, this class has a little bit of everything: rotation, shoulder and hip openers, connection to breath and mental focus, and concludes with some therapeutic aspects. Join this class to balance out the other activities in your week.

Restorative Flow

Our most relaxing class will help you to de-stress and end your day in a relaxed state of body and mind. You will be guided through a gentle flow designed to improve flexibility and range of motion, with rest in sustained, relaxing postures.

Kids Yoga

For ages 6-11, these classes will help your little ones build some awareness of themselves and how their bodies move. Each week this one hour class will have balance, stretching, and breathing techniques with a side of yoga philosophy and mindfulness games, all in a fun learning environment designed for kids.

Our Instructors


Caitlin has had a lifelong relationship with yoga, beginning as a toddler attending yoga classes with her mom in a second-floor studio in Brooklyn, and continued to practice on-and-off until law school, when back problems and chronic illness pushed her into a regular practice. Finding relief in the physical (asana) practice of yoga, she became interested in the spiritual and mental health benefits of yoga as a holistic practice. Working as an attorney, she yearned for more tools to manage anxiety, depression, and stress. Driven for more yogic knowledge, Caitlin completed Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 and began teaching to share the benefits of her practice with anyone willing to give yoga a try. Caitlin has found relief from common health problems, both physical and mental, through her consistent yoga practice and believes you can, too.

Caitlin teaches All Levels and Slow Flow with an emphasis on strength training and meditative mindfulness. Since joining UpTown, Caitlin found yoga and climbing undeniably complimentary. Although her classes are rumored to be physically challenging, they are accessible to everyone because of the personal nature of asana practice. She balances her yoga practice with a variety of outdoor activities, including biking, camping, kayaking, swimming, and rock climbing. Off her mat, Caitlin practices child welfare law, representing children in Louisiana's foster care system. Caitlin's approach to life is based on practicing compassion for oneself and for all beings.

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